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Published on July 29, 2020

Consider using LocalWP. You don’t have to configure a server or a database with it. One-click and you have a WordPress site 🙂 You can download it from I’ve been using Local for about two years. Sometimes after OS updates, it runs into a problem but Flywheel is quick to update things. It’s possible to create and destroy WP installations in minutes and if things go wrong you have full access to all of the installed files, plugins, etc.

You can also use XAMPP! It’s one of the popular stack packages ( or localhost servers) where you can easily install and run WordPress locally. It provides you very powerful features and platforms (fast and optimized stack). Also, you can run multiple WordPress sites, different PHP sites, etc (simultaneously ). It’s one of the best local server platforms for the practice.

If you are using Mac you can use MAMP to build locally, and it’s much faster to build. You can get a better and faster localhost using Laravel Valet. It feels totally native and does not have a GUI. So you should be comfortable going to the terminal and issuing commands.

I’m a huge fan of Local by FlyWheel. I’ve tried just about everything else and it is hands down the simplest to use without limiting your flexibility. The only dev env I use otherwise is a pure docker-compose workflow but that has a much higher learning curve and I only implement that when I need a decouple react.js frontend or something. Go with Local. You won’t regret it.

How To Install WordPress On Localhost? Step By Step Tutorial.
Jafor Ahmed

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